• The following privacy policy describes the type of information that the www.people-records.co.uk website ("website" or "we" or "us") gathers when an Internet user uses the website's database. This privacy policy also describes how the information is being used, and describes the guidelines for the maintenance and sharing this information.

    Notifications & Opt Out Requests

    If you want to register and join the www.people-records.co.uk website in order to become a new member, you should know that upon submission you will receive a "welcome e-mail" notification which will include the information about your new account and about your membership status and also the relevant information about your registration details.

    If you are interested in removing any personal information or any other text which is being displayed on any of the www.people-records.co.uk various search pages - please fill our contact-us form with a specific request, regarding what to remove and from where, and our team will do what they can to complete your request as soon as possible.

    Using NON-PERSONAL Tracking Applications

    NOTE: By using any third party tracking applications, like Google Analytics or any other online tracking application, the applications automatically collect NON-PERSONAL information about the users surfing in the www.people-records.co.uk website, this information is stored in log files which may include NON-PERSONAL information, such as pages used to navigate to the website and from the website, user's IP addresses, the browser which was used, ISP information, operating system utilized, screen resolution, device used and statistics about the time spent in each page.

    The information mentioned above which is NOT PERSONALLY identifiable, is and will be used only to analyze trends, and for administer this website, track online movements, and demographic information about this website's users.

    This information will be used for improving the quality that the www.people-records.co.uk website provides, and it is important to understand that in order to respect your privacy, the NON-PERSONAL information gathered, will NEVER be linked to your personally identifiable details.

    Using Cookies

    What Are Internet Cookies?
    Cookies are small text files which are stored and used for record keeping on a person's computer.

    Which Types of Cookies Are Being Collected?
    There are two types of cookies which this website uses: (1) Session cookies which increase the ease of which people can navigate through the www.people-records.co.uk website, these tracking cookies expire when the browser is closed, but they help us understand how people use our website, and can be found on your computer's hard drive for extended periods.
    (2) The website third-party payment vendor (clearing house) - may also place a cookie on your computer in order to determine which website referred the people to the its payment forms.

    You should also be aware that you may decline cookies, but you should also know that this may cause you to be unable to use certain features of this people search online website. You can learn how to change your cookie references in your own browser's "Help" menu. By the way, you should know that your personally identifiable information IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE LINKED to any other details which are being stored in these specific cookies.

    Web Beacons

    You should be aware of the fact that you may receive in the future emails from us or from our third-party partners that can include "Web beacons" which are identifiers that gather technical information, and determine how these emails are received. This means that the www.people-records.co.uk website's team can determine which emails were opened and whether or not any links within them have been clicked.

    It is important to understand that the information gathered from web beacons is technical and SOLELY used to improve the quality of the information we offer/email our members. If, for some reason, you do not want to allow access to this information, it's fine with us, but you must avoid downloading, displaying or accessing HTML emails and images, and you should be aware that this can be accomplished by changing your email preferences in your email platform (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc').

    Keeping Your Personally Identifiable Information Safe & Secure

    Our sharing information policy is quite simple - we understand the high value you place on keeping your personally identifiable information safe and secure, and it is also very important for us to let you know that this information, which we have collected during the years, is only provided in the following circumstances to the following parties:

    (1) When it is a matter of public safety as permitted by law, or otherwise required by any law agency, or in any other case which we believe our Terms of Service have been violated.
    (2) When there is a need to provide information to related companies, providers and suppliers, if it allows them to fulfill a request or perform a business function for the process running under the www.people-records.co.uk website.

    Information Security

    The information collected in our database is extremely important and can be quite valuable if using it right, and it is important to know that our team uses many security measures to protect it, such as encryption which helps protect against the possible loss, misuse or alteration of any information which we control.

    If you provide us or our partners with sensitive information, you can be sure that the receiving party will take the reasonable steps to protect such information. This may include establishing a secure connection with your browser and the use of SSL (secure-socket-layer) in order to protect the information during transmission.

    You should also be advised that though we are doing all we can in order to ensure the security of our network, we can't guarantee that we can prevent unauthorized access, data loss, hacking or other breaches from happening.

    Legal Disclaimer & Information Disclosure

    It is important for you to understand that we reserve the right to provide your personal information as necessary by law, or alternatively, if we believe it is necessary to protect our rights, comply with legal proceedings, court orders or other legal processes.

    Business Transitions

    If the www.people-records.co.uk website enters into a business transition, including an M&A process (merger or acquisition) by another party, or if all or parts of its assets are ever sold, any personally identifiable information that was gathered on file may be among the asset which are transferred to the new ownership. You should understand that this information will remain subject to the outlined provisions in this, and any future versions of the www.people-records.co.uk's privacy policy.

    Our Policy Regarding Collection Children's information

    Note: We do not collect any personal information of children under thirteen (13) years of age, and do not direct our website to these children.

    Third Party Websites

    You may find that there are pages containing links to third party websites, these websites may employ different privacy policies of their own. The practices of these third party websites are not and will not be under the www.people-records.co.uk responsibility, thus, we are strongly recommending that you examine any privacy policy posted on any of these websites which you have accessed.

    Privacy Policy Updates

    One should be aware to the fact that this Private Policy disclosure may be updated periodically, at which time we will post notices of such changes on our website. In addition, we will attempt to provide you with notification of material updates via the email address you have provided to us and by posting prominent notices on the website.

    Contact Us

    For any question or concern in regards to this privacy policy disclosure, please don't hesitate and contact one of our Support agents.