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    Tracing family history and lineage (also known as genealogy) has never been easier. In the past, hiring professional genealogists, private investigators, or making long trips to national archives could prove to be a costly and time consuming undertaking - but not anymore.

    Nowadays, the accessibility of UK family history records made possible by the World Wide Web which has fueled a rise in popularity for the field of family history research, and people should take advantage of it, and get access to the information they wish to have for so many years.

    These records were initially implemented in England around 500 years ago as a means by which the government could keep track of the nations' citizens.

    Church parishes began to document births, baptisms, marriages and deaths of non-aristocratic people, and that means that a family history library began.

    This process of official documentation expanded over the centuries to include census, court records, military records, occupational records, land and property deeds and many other records, which all of which have created a vast resource of pieces of information is allowing the public today to conduct a family history search query quite easily and with minimum efforts.

    There are many online family history websites which people can get access to, one needs just to type something along the lines of "family history", "archives family history", or "family search history", and they will be presented with a variety of options such as the LDS family history database - the international genealogical index of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - with a record of over 4 billion names globally.

    Regarding family history search engines looking for people in the UK, the most comprehensive resource is the online platform under the domain called:

    Online Resources

    The largest domestic online resource for personal records, with databases that are constantly updated daily, the website provides those curious to find family history with a user-friendly platform that allows access to a wide range of official documentation related to people living in the UK, from the comfort of home or office. The unique advanced search engine is available to users anywhere in the world, and delivers fast results under 120 seconds, with 100% confidentiality.

    Bottom line - you can start your family search immediately, simply choose the "Genealogy Search" option in the left menu on the homepage, enter the first and last name of a person in the UK you are looking to trace in the upper box, click "search" and let our system to retrieve the relevant information for you.